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Peter,  I purchased two other judgment enforcement courses and each time I was left with unanswered questions and felt alone and confused by the process. Your course is phenomenal! The step by step nature of the course leads to a clear understanding of the process to start and run a JE business.  

                     Marcus  Salt Lake City

Peter - Talk about great content. I bought another course as well (xxxx), and it was as though their course was the cliff notes version, and yours was the actual manual.
                        Nick NY

Peter,  I have researched a lot of information on the judgment recovery courses, and just by reading over a portion of your information I can tell you that your information is way beyond anything else that I have read. 
                       Carolyn, TX


Wow, Peter. You actually answer the phone. I'm impressed. 
                       Ted (MN)


I really do appreciate all your help!! I have worked very hard trying to get my business set up as you suggest in your course.  If you ever need someone to share how helpful your course is,  just have them contact call me.  
The forums are priceless!!!       Karen TN

   Peter - Following up to let you know that your program is awesome!  I already hate that I assigned my own judgments in the past! The collector shelved the file without putting a lean on the two paid for vehicles that the debtor owns! Thanks!
                                                           -  Cornelius - Mississippi
I couldn't agree more with Peter's system. It made things a lot easier for me after slogging through in the beginning. Having Peter's 'better debtor' rules as a guide, is a must.
                                                           --Kenneth - (Northridge, CA)  

Peter, thank you very much. I've read the book at least 3 times already as well as my wife. I'm currently sitting on 3 judgments, and about to begin collections. Your book is the best I've read, and I'm sure you hear that a lot.       Jack  (CA)
Peter, Got your course today.   Ordered Sunday, received on Wednesday, great service!                             --Anton (WI)

Peter, thank you so very much!  I haven't been able to put it down! You have a great way of explaining things, and I'm soaking it up like a sponge.  

                                                     --Sandy (CA)
Dear Dr Gilboy
Your integrity and candid ways are greatly appreciated. [About Florida] Since we have already moved to Fl I can now decide on another stay at home job.   I think you are great.
                                                                                          Thanks, Jack (Florida)


 Peter, I've been researching judgment recovery courses and many of the websites glamorize the industry. It's nothing but lack luster verbiage about how "rich" you'll become in a short period of time with very little work. Reading these statements gave me so many reservations until I came across your site. It was like a breath of fresh air.  - Tionna Pennsylvania

Peter, I would like to thank you for the very comprehensive information.  I woke up Sunday morning at 5:00 am and began reading.  I completed a review of the entire binder at 6:00 pm that evening.  I could not put it down.  This step by step instruction is truly what I needed since I’m just starting out.                                                                    -Sherry  MD

Dear Peter,
I purchased your Step-by-Step Course back in 2008 when I knew absolutely nothing about judgment enforcement.  I also purchased two other “how-to” books from different sources and can honestly say, your Step-by-Step Course is the most informative, helpful, and easy-to-understand Course on my bookshelf.   It continues to be a primary go-to source when faced with something new or to refresh my mind on something I’ve been through before.  I know I could not have gotten to the point I’m at in the judgment field today without your course and your never-ending support through your Yahoo! Group.   A huge THANK YOU for helping me succeed!  
                                                                                        Theresa (CA)


I think that sooner or later everyone gets your course. Unfortunately for me it was later.    -Bob L  (MT)


Thank you for taking my call!     James  (MS)


Peter, I wanted to just thank you for the manner in which you manage the group. I’m just starting out in the judgment recovery world.
Since getting your course, I’ve been following the group daily and been setting my business up – both reviewing the processes and getting the business requirements in order (emails, website, forming an LLC, mailing address, phone numbers, etc.). I have been very impressed with how helpful and friendly all have been on your e-group.       Kevin (PA)

Hello, Peter. I've been meaning to get back to you for over a week but I had family in town and had to play taxi driver and tour guide. Thank you soooo much for your quick reply back to me regarding my first email to you! I never expected such a quick reply, especially since it was a Sunday.


You were very thorough in answering my questions that I had asked you. I really appreciated your candor and how straightforward you were. I definitely like your approach to being successful in the business, that being working smarter, not harder. I'm very much looking forward to diving into your course and working this business. It sounds like the support is certainly there so to me it really is a no-brainer. I have no illusions that it will be a walk in the park. I have no doubt that it will be hard work but this has been nagging me in the back of my mind for the last few years
                           I know I can be successful at this business!   Robert CA.
Hi, Peter, I contacted you some time back and you gave me some very valuable advice. I want to thank you. You gave me honest and important information.  I appreciate all of your advice and take it seriously. I put your opinion/ advice at the top of the list because of your honesty and dedication to the craft comes through. There is no doubt I will be going with your training program over others (which could be as soon as today).
                                                                    -Ryan, MN

Thank you! You have been great getting me information.
             Todd (AZ)
THANK YOU so much for your complete honesty and openness. [Regarding Florida] You do realize that you may have lost a sale of your course because of it.
            Lynn H.  (Fl)
Hi Peter
I have been studying your training manual and reading the group digest daily. What an education I am getting. Your manual is the best out there, to be sure.
         Bobby R (OK)
  First off, Thank you for the quick and honest response. It's a shame to hear that Florida is so difficult for the JR business.
                              Tim (FL)
Hello Peter,
I’ve already read through your entire course and it’s fantastic.  I am absolutely confident that by following your step by step methods (and using your forum for support) that I will be very successful in the Judgment Recovery business.   Chris (N.H.)
You're right Peter. The difference between your course and the other I got, is like the difference between a car and a skateboard. 
Timothy R. (Syracuse NY)
This forum is THEE source for educational learning. The knowledge and advice shared by the distinguished and experienced Judgment Recovery Specialists is second to none. Guidance, experience and opinions, allowing younger JE's to learn everything from business modeling, bankruptcy and even courthouse procedural quirks are mentioned from specialists all over the country. The fact that all prior posts are searchable by keyword, make this section of the forum the "mac-daddy" of inquisitive knowledge. The manual from Peter's course may be the teaching method, but the forum is by far the professor.  
                                                                         Keith E., North Carolina
Peter, first of all, what a fabulous forum you've created.  The depth of experience and knowledge of forum members, and the willingness of members to help one another is impressive.
For anyone that hasn't bought Peter's course, I highly recommend you do so.  Not just because, dollar for dollar, it's the best value in the industry, but also to have access to this wonderful Forum.      Micah C., California
Peter, I want to drop you a note to say how pleased I am to find your training course 'genuine, informative, detailed, and thoroughly organized'  
                            Jaleh - Santa Clara, CA 
Peter, I learned more from your "Read this First" section than I did in the whole other course I bought!                                                 
                            Jeremy S., Boston  
Hello Peter,
The Judgment Tracker course is absolutely fantastic!!  It truly is a step by step manual.  It is packed with so much information, and thought. You can see how well organized the course is and how well thought out it was, when it was put together.
This course is very practical, and gives you far more information than you would expect.  Most courses would give you just the basics.  This course goes into the advanced methods, and gives you the real information you need to actually conduct business.  It also warns you of certain pitfalls to be aware of.
The course is actually exciting to read.  I feel like I am listening to a great story as it unfolds and packs in all the details, and Peter gives actual examples that he has dealt with.  I love those examples.  Aside from all the steps, the manual comes with a forms CD which is also packed with information and forms.

The best part of all is the forum that you get to join, that I love reading. Real cases and problems or triumphs are discussed.  The people on it are very knowledgeable and generous with their time, and expertise.  Thank you for such a wonderful course!!
                                    -Richard S.  Queens, NY
Hey Peter! This is my business, and I thought I knew it all. An old dog can learn new tricks!  
                                                    George G. New York, NY
You actually answered the phone!      John B…Indianapolis
Hi Peter, I took the afternoon off yesterday to get through  the rest of the training manual and loved it.  It was so interesting to me the many different ways you can execute on a JUD. You’re stories, made me laugh and certainly it was the most enjoyable as well as intriguing training manual I’ve ever read. I’m so glad I called you.                      --Michelle J.  (CA)
 I am well into reading your materials.  I think it is excellent!
                                                                                                      --Anton, CA
 I just want to thank you for your Course and the E-Group. I learned more in 2 weeks with you than I did in 4 months with the other course. The E-group is so supportive and and inspirational.                                                                                                                                - Lois D. Atlanta, GA
Good Morning,
I received your course Saturday. Well written and informative. I was going to open a C-Corp and do other things PRIOR to reading your course.  I would have made quite a few major errors setting up the stucture.  Your links for unclaimed funds on your website found about $460.00 on a old rental property that I sold..Paid for the course and Dba Filings.

                                                         -Thanks!  Henry M.   California

Please add my Testimonial.  I called Peter and he called me back in an hour.   He was busy with his own cases.   But he still had time to answer my questions, and later help me get started. 
Now I’m on the e-group, and I get even more answers to my questions.    
                                                                Terrance, Bucks County, PA
This is funny.  I bought a different course, and then had to call back and ask the sales girl what a 3rd party claim was.   She didn’t have a clue.  I hung up and called Peter instead, and he knew what to do right away.   I got my money after that, and bought his course right away.   His Forum is great, but I can’t forget how I found him and his course.   
                                                                    Nancy, Cleveland Ohio
Let me tell you your website alone makes this course an absolute steal! 
                                                           Mary Jane K, Kansas City, MO

I totally am enjoying your course and I have to pay you the top compliment on it.  I've learned more reading this course than any other course I've read.  I wish I had saved the money.  The extra branches or streams of income are just amazing.  I never thought to use those tactics. 
                                                   Ryan P.  N.C.
This is truly a COMPLETE course.  You provide essentially everything to get started except the actual capital and experience.                        
  Joseph G.  San Diego, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for such a thorough JR course.  Bought another course approx 1 yr ago & the info you provide in the book & CD is immeasurable.  The tips provided in the E-Group are so helpful to a newbie.  Have started on the archives & feel like I'm attending a seminar.                                     
                 Sandra L   Kansas City
Peter,  I am embarrassed to admit it, but I bought three other Judgment Recovery courses in the last 4 weeks before buying your course two weeks ago. I thought more was better. Boy was I wrong! Your course is hands down better than the other three courses combined!  I wasted money and time with the other three courses. And I really didn't learn much. I just became frustrated. Your course answers so many questions; it really connects the dots.  The yahoo E-group is such a valuable tool. The information from you and others on the E-group alone is worth the price of the course.  Thanks for all your help.                                                                                  Greg A, Moreno Valley, CA.
You really did answer the phone!          Robert K., Phoenix  AZ
  Peter, thanks for warning me about Texas.   A big help in my decision making.
              Kathy L.,  Houston

  I bought Peter Gilboy’s course six years ago and I have made money every single year I have owned it.  There is no better course on the market for learning how to make money in Judgment Recovery.  And Peter’s group blog is the most helpful and professional on the internet. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their bottom line.
                                                                                                David W., Boca Raton
   Even though I continue to work my business on a limited-part-time basis, I can't tell you how many times I have referred back to your course that got me started.  Please let me know how I can obtain the 2011 version and the cost.  I have acquired other "courses" over the past couple of years and I am so glad I had gotten yours first.  The layout was far easier to follow and your personal commentary kept my attention.  Some of the others are such dry reading I don't think I would have stayed with the JR business had I gotten one of them first.  
                                                                     Theresa McK, California

Hi Peter, Thanks for sending the course promptly -- it's level of detail, candor and organization are very impressive.                          Bob, Atlanta

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your swift and honest assessment of my chances for opening a JR business in Florida. It sounded like a business I could really sink my teeth into, but I will definately not waste my time and money swimming against the bureaucratic tide in this state.  (Sigh!)  But I really appreciate your response. I can see why everyone in the JR field looks up to you. You rock!
                                                                                                          Sincerely, Sandra (Florida)
Hi Peter,  Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your course.  I bought another one several months earlier, and it was "OK".  But, I must say your course in Excellent!  Your course is very easy to read, humourous at times, and keeps your attention span attentive!  Plus, I was amazed that when I did call you with a question I had, you not only actually answered the phone, but on the 2nd ring!  Where does that happen??!  Thank-you for sharing your knowege with those of us in this industry.  Also, love the yahoo group participation.         
                                                Sincerely,  Sandy  (Cathlamet, WA) 

Thanks for all the information you provide free on your site, so that one can properly consider the facts, figures, and potential worth of your course before buying. It's appreciated.
                                                          -- Rachel M.C. (MS)
Mr Gilboy: finished your book and it's the best step by step out there, and your book gave me the structure now and the forms on your CD is worth the price alone. I joined your E -group
So thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Thanks.
                                        --  Jerome A. C.  (CA)

Hi Peter:
Went through 1/2 of your course already. It is great material.
                                                           -- Jim L  (CA)
Peter, I have the Course.  Fascinating and so helpful.
Ron (Colorado)

Peter,  I wanted to let you know that I read your book and was blown away by how much information was in the book, no holding back, the book was better than two judgment manuals I have purchased in the past, and a lot less money. I wanted to say thank you for educating me and         bringing me up to speed.   --Bill K, (Missouri)
I just had to write and give you the latest. I investigated all the information that you told me and you were spot on.  Peter, I owe you a big one for being up front and honest with me about Florida.Rick L (Panama City, FL.)
 I finished your book cover to cover and have to say it is by FAR the best of the four courses that I have in my possession.  I so wished that I had found your book sooner!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and insights.  We greatly appreciate your help.   Best regards,I. L.

  I wish I had this book when I started Judgment Recovery three years ago. It is so hard to find practical judgment enforcement books anywhere. This one is a gem. If you want actual step by step instructions, forms and even sample legal motions to use in court, this book has it all. I highly recommend it. You will find brilliant ideas for your business.

  And not just that. Peter also offers online E-Group support for follow up questions and concerns. Step by step instructions and examples were given to me when I needed them. Peter and the group quickly answered my difficult questions with thoroughness and clarity. 

I recommend getting the course if only to be part of this valuable group. Having met Peter and seen him speak at conferences, I can say he is tops in his business and willing to share his expertise with others. 

  Peter is a straight and concise speaker who adds unique insights to the world of Judgment Recovery and does so with flair. Peter's successful approach and tips to Judgment Recovery helped increase my profits.
 After seeing Peter speak at a Judgment Recovery Conference, I walked away with new insights into the world of judgment recovery and a stronger motivation to pursue my judgment debtors.  
                                             Don D. San Jose, CA
  Good Morning Peter, I am half way thru your most wonderful course and I can't say enough about how great the information is that you have put together for newbies like myself entering into this business. 
  The step by step process is clear and concise and I spent the entire weekend reading, learning and laying out a binder for myself. 
  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am a very thorough organized person myself and what you have provided to us is just the way I needed it! 
                                                     --Maria (Ohio)

I just purchased yours course and am excited to get started. I purchased another course previously that did not help me get started. Thank you  Peter for such a great comprehensive training program.
                            --Deserie (Georgia)      

A big thank you Peter for your help and guidance over the past 6 years.  There is no way I could have accomplished what I did without your course, this group, the archives and your help.  Cheers to you and your lovely family.
                                             Michael Allen (CA now S.C.)

I just had to write and give you the latest. I investigated all the information that you told me and you were spot on.  Peter, I owe you a big one for being up front and honest with me about Florida.
                                     Rick L (Panama City, FL.)

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