Peter, is it an easy business?

No. Like any business it requires the right resources, a specialized knowledge, some capital, and diligence. (If you find an easy business, call me right away!)

Are you really in the business yourself?

Yes, going on 19 years. I know that every course-provider claims that, but call and ask them for a copy of the latest court document they filed. It’s a public record. And you may be surprised.

What do I have to learn?

1) How to find judgments online and through the courthouse, 2) how to identify which judgments are worthwhile accepting, and 3) the steps to enforcing judgments using one or more of the 6 methods.

Can you give me an example of the different types of money judgments that are out there?

Sure, they could be judgments because of,

  • Automobile accident,
  • Contractor ran off with 20K,
  • Someone borrowed 10K money from a friend and didn't pay it back,
  • Auto repairman wrecked the engine,
  • Carpenter didn't finish the deck,
  • Car dealer didn’t follow through with his guarantee
  • Ex-husband won't pay the alimony,
  • Neighbor's tree fell on the house,
  • Landlord owes tenant,
  • Tenant owes landlord,
  • Internet fraud,
  • Business breaches contract with another business,
  • Business breaches contract with a customer
  • Employee wasn't paid as agreed,
  • Personal injury,
  • Theft,
  • Wrongful job termination,

.... and so on. You name it, and there are judgments out there because of it.

Doesn’t the court make them pay?

No. The judgment is a court order stating the amount owed. It is not an order to pay.

Is the business rewarding?

Yes, every plaintiff has been hurt, either physically, financially, and certainly emotionally. It's nice to be able to set some things right.

Can the business be frustrating?

Yes. It's a business.

What is the dollar-range of the judgments you've accepted?

Between $2,000 and $900,000.

Were you successful on all of them?

No. When I started, I took a lot of judgments without first investigating the judgment debtor. I wasted time and money because the judgment debtor was broke, on drugs, on mom’s couch, or something else. Then I figured it out: How to investigate each judgment debtor BEFORE taking the judgment. Now I think everything on my desk is doable. Less work, and more time for me.

Can I start part time?

That’s how I started. That way I still had an income while I learned the business.

Can I make $100,000 the first year?

I don't know anyone in the business who made that their first year.

If I work very hard, how much can I make?

It's really not how hard or fast we work. It’s what we know. Think of it like a person who flips houses. He or she has to know which houses are worth flipping and which aren’t – know about structure, asbestos, termites, plumbing, electric, neighborhood, and so on. So, it's how smart we work. Like house-flipping, having right knowledge is the key to this profession. And of course, wanting to learn.

Do I have to know everything to start?

No. To begin, you only have to know how to locate worthwhile judgments. I'll show you how. Then you can learn the enforcement procedures as you go.

Peter, what is a worthwhile judgment?

It's a judgment in which the judgment-debtor has assets to satisfy the judgment.

Why doesn't the plaintiff do it himself?

The plaintiff usually doesn't know how to the locate assets or follow the 6 enforcement measures. Many of them are too busy, and don't want to pay an attorney. Some have given up or forgotten all about the judgment. That’s why what we do is important to them.

What if the judgment-debtor doesn't have assets?

Then we don't accept the judgment.

You mean I can find that out before I accept the judgment?

In many cases, yes. In this business we have professional databases that the general public doesn't have access to. We use these to locate assets or the strong likelihood of assets. And, there are other businesses that can supply additional information. You simply can't be in this business without one or more of the good databases. I'll tell you what's out there, which ones I recommend, and why.

Will you actually show us how to use the investigative databases?

Yes, that's a good part of my program. I’ll go one-on-one with you on the internet, and show you my databases, and how I use them.

Won't an attorney handle the judgment for the plaintiff?

Attorneys charge by the hour, usually $300-$500. Also, plaintiffs who have gone through small claims didn’t use attorneys. Those who did use attorneys to get the judgment, feel they've paid enough, very often more than enough. And, most attorneys don't know judgment enforcement. It's our niche. Attorneys too have niches, usually litigation, intellectual property law, real estate law, entertainment law, and so on. If you become proficient in judgment enforcement, attorneys may be calling you. Really.

What's my percentage, typically?

I encourage people to stay with 50/50. We're worth it. Sometimes I may go a little lower if I know it's going to be smooth sailing.

Isn’t that a lot?

I know it seems like a lot, at first. But the fact is that the regular person doesn't know how to enforce a judgment. That's not their field. It's our field. Just like you turn to a mechanic, a doctor, or web designer because that's their field, this profession is ours. And, we're worth it.

How many judgments will I need to make good money?

It’s not how many, but how good they are. Let’s say you take just 4 good judgments a month (I’ll show you how to screen them), and they are only $5K.

Just 4 good judgments a month

$5K each

$20K a month now or down the road

½ to you = $120K a year.

See what I mean? It’s not how many, but how good they are. And “good” means that the judgment debtor has the resources to pay or paydown the judgment.

Even small claims judgments can be lucrative. Small claims judgments are between $3K and $15K depending on the state.

Is this like collections, where I have to call and hassle people?

In 18 years, I haven’t called a single judgment-debtor.

Peter, how long does it take to get the money?

There isn't a specific timetable because it depends on the asset. Wage garnishment? Then you may have $300-800 coming in each month until the judgment is satisfied. Meanwhile you're on to other cases. Bank account asset? You can garnish the account in a shorter amount of time. Real Estate asset? Then you may put a lien down and, according to the state's rules, either force a sale of the property or just sit on it and collect interest as the value of the property goes up until the property is sold or refinanced. Meanwhile, you're on to other cases.

I saw a webinar where a guy said I can do this business in any state. Is it true?

No, it’s not true. Some states are much better than others for this business. For example Florida is not good for this business. Or TX, or NV.

The good states are pretty much the rest. But call or email me for details if you like, and I’ll tell you what I know about your state. 619.758.3552

Will you hold my hand as I learn?

To an extent, yes, especially in the beginning. I'll point the way, show you the steps, and teach you absolutely as much as I can. Obviously I can't know every procedure for every state. However, I do have a File Folder on the Forum, for your specific state, with tons of information in there about your state's rules and steps. Huge help, really.

Your own research into your own state and community – using our Forum and your state’s codes online, is also crucial. You’ll have my online meetups too, for mentoring and my ongoing Forum with help from a lot of others. You'll never finish learning in this profession. I know that I haven't.

What skills should I have to be good in this business?

Being organized, for sure. Also, liking to do investigations on the internet, and research about your state’s laws. Having a sense of humor is a big help too. Like any business, we deal with the public, and some days are better than others. It's called business. And life.

How much money do I need to start?

I've prepared what I think is a realistic list of things you'll absolutely need for your start up and then to keep going. Also, things that are handy, but which you don’t need right away. Costs will vary some depending on the court and sheriff costs in your area, your internet provider, etc. Here’s a good list that will help.

Do I ever have to meet the judgment debtor? Aren’t they angry?

The ones I’ve met are more embarrassed than angry. I rarely have to meet them because over 90 of my work is accomplished at my desk and through the courts and the sheriff. But sometimes I’ve found it worthwhile to bring the reluctant judgment-debtor back into court to answer questions under penalty of perjury. I’ll show you how.

I don't have a lot of money right now, Peter. Can I still start?

You can’t be successful in any business unless you can have enough money for a strong start up, and then money to keep you going. But you can at least start by learning the business. There’s certainly enough to learn, so when you actually do you start, you’re way ahead of the curve. I know that some websites tell you how easy the business is, and how cheap to do, but neither are true.

Peter, Is your course online?

Yes it is. The Course part of my Program is on the “For Members” page. And the daily Forum is online as well. We also have online video meet-ups and mentoring. But some people also want a physical Course to hold and mark up. I can send you one, and a thumb-drive of the course. See me for the costs of getting you that.

How do I know that your program is better than the courses out there? I've seen a number of them.

First, it’s not merely a course. It’s an entire Program with start-up, intermediate and advanced training, and ongoing mentoring. You certainly want a course from somebody who's actually in the business. If you want to know if a course-provider is actually in the business, call them, ask for a recent court document they've filed. (It's public record.) Test them out. You may be surprised.

As for me:

  • I'm actually in the business.
  • I know what it takes to be in the business the right way.
  • I don't B.S. you about anything.
  • I teach this business every day on my Forum which you'll have access to.
  • I offer ongoing mentoring - free. (Yes, really.)
  • 75% of people who get my Program and my support already spent money on a course, and need much more. (I offer them a little discount)
  • And, you can call me with questions about my Program. No problem.


Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, take 30 days. And, if you can show me a more comprehensive or thorough course or program anywhere, or better mentoring, I’ll buy it for you. And then you can return mine. That’s also my guarantee.

Can I contact someone in your office with more questions?

There’s only me. I’m a one man show. But give me a call. I’m always happy to talk about the business. 619.758.3552.

Thank you.

Do you ever offer a discount?

Yes, i offer a disount to those who already bought a course and are disappointed, or who now want to go further in the business. The discount is up to $200. Just tell me what course you have, and the price. Probably 75% of people who have my course already paid for a different one. I'm happy to help out if I can.

Ready to get started?