With this Freakin' Virus, is this a Good Time To Start?

The fact is, no one knows. I guess the good news is that this is a health crisis, not a financial one. This isn't 2008 all over again, thank heavens. And experience tells us that viruses burn themselves out. My guess is that the economy will be up and thriving again, hitting those usual bumps and curves on the way.

But for now anyway, in many places courts are behind or closed, especially in the "hot" areas. Other places, not so much. Sheriff's too are limiting the work the do, and that too slows us down. Check the court and sheriff websites in your area.

On the other hand, it does take a bit of time to let the principles of the business sink in, and get all the steps and strategies in hand. No one learned to type in a day, and no one learned this business in a day or a month, for sure. I'm still learning. The business isn't as easy as "some" make it out to be. Like every profession, there's a learning curve, and perhaps some people have more time these days to start the process.

Hang in there, and be safe. Those who have been on the planet for a while have already been through events that will be whole chapters in our history books. This is one of them.

Specific questions? Let me know.

Stay home, don't roam. Take care of everyone, of course. Check on your older neighbors next door by phone.



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