Why wouldn't they just use an attorney?

Plaintiffs are excited when they get their judgments. If it's small claims, it's usually $5K to $12K depending on the state. Much more if it's in regular civil court.

Yay! They're going to get paid. Then reality dawns. The contractor won't pay. Nor will the landlord, employer, ex-spouse. the "friend" they loaned money to, or someone else. A huge percentage, about 80%, won't pay.

Use an attorney? At three hundred an hour? You're kidding right? The plaintiff has already lost enough. Even on larger judgments-- 50K to 250K-- they may have already put out big bucks, 10's of thousands. Now they just want it over. Done. Kaput.

So, we are the preferred resource, as long as we know what we're doing. I've had plaintiffs spend days on the internet searching out the judgment debtor's assets. Then they call one of us and, using our resources to investigate, we know in 1 minute if there are assets (or the strong likelihood of assets), homes, second homes in other states, cars, businesses, and more. They are impressed at what we can see. They can also see our value to them.

And, they don't have to pay us a time. They transfer ownership of the judgment to us, and we enforce it in our name. Then we pay them their percentage. We know how to investigate, and we know how to deal with the courts and the sheriffs. They can sit back or get on with their daily lives, which already have enough issues without having to deal with the judgment too.

It's our niche, our baby. We know it well --how to investigate and how to enforce. That's how we earn our living.

Questions? Email or call if you like. Never a problem.

Thanks, Peter


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