What to do when the plaintiff calls you with their judgments - Investigate.

When I started my business, back in 2000, I used Google Adwords as just one way to get plaintiffs/creditors to call me.

Whenever someone called me, I thanked the person for calling and I commiserated with the him or her about the reason for the judgment – auto accident, employer didn’t pay employee, boyfriend owes ex-girlfriend from a loan, etc.

Then I asked for some information about the judgment debtor. Just a name and an old address will do. Then I immediately pulled up one of my Investigative databases – TracersInfo, Delvepoint, Lexis, etc.


- I'd run that address on my database

- I'd find the judgment debtor at that location

- I'd be able to trace him or her forward to see where they are now

- I'd look for assets – cars, homes, second homes, jobs, high rent area, businesses, prof licenses etc.

- I'd also look to see how frequently he or she is moving, any bankruptcies, other judgments and tax liens, criminal record and more.

I'd often know in seconds whether to take the judgment or not. Yes, seconds. Or at least whether I want some more time to investigate more.

The right databases, and how to use them, is crucial to us in this business. It’s just one of our main tools to success. And, yes, it's exactly the what I do today when a plaintiff calls.

Want to know the cost of databases? Probably around 2-250 a month. You can see much more on my Question and Answers page. Or give me a call. Never a problem.


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