What the most rewarding part of the JE business?

First, I want to point out that the judgment enforcement business, just like every other business, has its frustrations and even its pulling-your-hair-out times. Get over it.

On the other hand, we can learn the business as we go, and work from home full or part time.

I think the most rewarding part of the business is helping someone who has been hurt. Every plaintiff/creditor has been hurt-- financially, sometimes physically, and almost certainly emotionally. A lot of times we can help the person by taking assignment and enforcing the judgment using one of the 6 basic enforcement methods.

But we can't help everyone. Sometimes the judgment debtor is such a loser that he or she has nothing and may never have anything. For example, I get calls from former spouses who are still owed money from the divorce, sometimes a lot of money. Of course I want to help the person (and make money) but can I always help?

Not always. When they call, the first thing I do is investigate the judgment debtor using one of the professional databases. And, I might find that the guy (yes, almost all a guy, if someone won't follow through on domestic or child support) has drug arrests, is living in a $200 a month hovel somewhere, or might even be in jail. See what I mean? Not much I can do.

What do I do then? I commiserate with the person, and explain that it simply isn't doable right now. I may explain why--that none of the 6 enforcement methods will work in this case. At least for now. And, I'll ask her to call me back in 6 months or a year, and I'll do another quick investigation to see if the guy's status has changed.

What surprises me is how many times the person is relieved. They can now put the case aside , and revisit it later. And yes, they may well call back. And almost for sure, they'll remember me when a friend or co-worker has a judgment.

Questions? Feel free to call. Peter

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