What is this business all about?

We provide a service to our local community,as well as people in other communities, and sometimes even people in other states.

  1. First, locate judgments online.

  2. We look to see if they have been satisfied by the judgment debtor. (paid)

  3. If it hasn't been satisfied, then we investigate the judgment debtor. This is probably the most important thing that we do.

  4. In our investigation, we look for assets, or the strong likelihood of assets. (I'll show you how) How do we do it? There are number of terrific nonpublic databases available to us and private investigators. Tons of information out there that is not available to others.

  5. If we find assets, we contact the plaintiff (the creditor) and take assignment. The judgment is then in our name, and we know how to enforce it. (Note: We do not take judgments against losers, deadbeats and people who are broke. We want the "Better debtor" --the person who has the assets, but doesn't think anyone knows how to make him pay what the court says he owes.)

  6. Then, using one or more of the 6 enforcement methods, we enforce the judgment and get it paid. We take our percentage (usually 50%) and send the other 50% to the plaintiff.

Those are the main points. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you. Peter

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