What are the first things to learn in the Judgment business?

First, is simply understanding that you don't want a lot of judgments. You want a limited number of judgment that are doable.

Second, is learning how to locate judgments on line and sometimes at the court website or then courthouse itself.

Third, is learning how to investigate a judgment debtor, to discover whether the person or company has assets that can be use to satisfy the judgment. No assets, then we don't want the judgment.

Fourth is knowing the rules in your state. States differ in how many enforcement methods they have, and how to go about using them. (We have almost all of those methods spelled out on our Forum website.)

Fifth is deciding which of the enforcement methods will work in the case you're investigating now. For example, if the person is employed, then you can choose a wage garnishment or perhaps a bank garnishment, or both.

Whatever the asset is, there's usually way to use it to satisfy the judgment and get paid.


Let me know. Thank you.


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