What about Mentoring?

The Judgment Enforcement business deals with investigations and the law. There's a lot to learn, more than a lot. And yes, you'll have a ton of questions along the way, and hiccups to resolve. It's a profession, not a job.

I could not have made it 3 months in this business without quite a bit of help. It's probably the same for everyone. It's not any different from other businesses, like flipping houses or fixing Mercedes and BMW's. We learn as we go, and we need to be able to bounce questions off an experienced person, ask about strategies for cases, and personally discuss what's in the the course-part of the Program and on the Forum. (Not someone who's been in the business 3 months helping someone who's been in the business for 1 month. But a real and extremely knowledgeable person willing to help on particular cases.)

I haven't always offered the hands-on mentoring that I now offer. It's relatively new, along with with my new course and Program. We have private meetings regarding the new business and screen-shares on how to locate and screen judgments to find the best ones. Together we are able to go over individual cases and look at strategies for each. And, just as important, to determine which cases to avoid. It doesn't take a lot of cases to make good money. But the wrong cases can drain our energy and enthusiasm. I've been there. Big time. And I finally pushed it through.

I don't want anyone to have the difficulties that I had in my first year. My new course and Program, including my very personal help, will work to get through those problems.

Thanks to all here. Let me know if you have a questions, please.


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