Good for Business, all around

Soon after I started my business in 2000, I was contacted by a dentist in my area (San Diego) who said he had about $80K in judgments, and would I meet him for breakfast.

We met, and he gave me about 12 judgments. I was new and excited. But I didn’t care for him so much. Still, he was offering me judgments, and that was my business!

How many did I enforce? 2

Why? Because most of them had already been satisfied, but the dentist’s office had gone through so many changes in staff, that the record-keeping might as well have been nonexistent.

I worked hard, very hard, and got very little.

Lesson: It's good for business to know the person or outfit you’re accepting judgments from. Are the well-organized? Staff turnover? Do you like the person?

Lesson: We're in this business to make money by being smart. It's good for any business to know as much as we can about the plaintiffs who give us judgments as well as our judgment debtors. That's what we do as part of our investigations. I'll show you how.

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