Okay, but how do we investigate?

Every good judgment enforcement professional has one or more investigative databases. That's how we investigate to see if a judgment debtor has assets.

For example, when people call me with their judgments, I immediately go online and pull up one of my databases-- maybe Tracersinfo or Lexis Smartlinx, and look up the judgment debtor. All I need is a name and an old address, maybe even an old address from 20 years ago. (The database will trace the person forward to where they are today 95% of the time. It's not like a simple Google search which may turn out to be years old.)

Then, in seconds I have tons of information. What kind of info?

  • Names the person has used (maiden, name changes, nicknames, and more)

  • Other SSNs

  • Others using the person's SSN

  • Addresses going back as far as 30 years

  • Real Property purchased, sold, transferred, including all amounts, deeds, etc.

  • Motor Vehicle Registrations

  • Boats

  • Aircraft

  • Bankruptcy Information

  • Judgments/Liens

  • UCC Liens

  • Fictitious Businesses

  • Notice Of Defaults on their properties

  • Business Associates

  • Person Associates

  • Possible employment Locator

  • Criminal Filings

  • Cellular & Alternate Phones

  • Possible Education

  • Potential Relatives

  • Voter Registrations

  • Driver Licenses

  • Professional Licenses

  • Health Care Providers

  • Health Care Sanctions

  • Pilot Licenses

  • Sport Licenses

  • And more

What am I looking for? The likelihood of assets, that's what. It may be by at first doing something very simple, like using the person's latest address, and running it on Google. Then, I can get an approximation of the rent or mortgage by looking on

If the person is living in a $300 a month apartment, I don't want that judgment. But what about a $5K a month rent or mortgage in an exclusive part of town. That's $60K a year just in rent or mortgage. I'll look closer, and I may well want that judgment, whether it's for $5K or $250K.

And that's just the start. By investigating further here, I may find out tons more about the person. My goal is to eliminate judgments that can't be enforced, and save me time and money. I don't want to waste time. I prefer going on a walk with my dog.

That's how we run our businesses when we do it the right way. It's the only way to do it. Really.

Questions or thoughts, let me know, please.

Or, if you'd like to do a screen share with me to see how these databases work in this business, I'd be happy to show you.

Take care, please,


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