Learning from my first cases

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

One of my first judgments back in 2000, was for about $6K against a fellow named Cluck. Yes, really his name. And it should have been a tip off.

I was going to get this guy, make him pay. He owed, and I was eager and new.

I ran a credit report on him, and it didn’t look good, but, Hey, so what? I’m going to make him pay.

I even went to where I thought he was living, and thought I’d follow him to work. Silly me. He

didn’t live there, but was living with his brother because he was so darned broke.

Did I ever enforce the judgment? No. Got $0. A waste of time and effort. Why? Because I didn’t screen correctly. I didn’t know how, then. I later learned that I want the “better debtor” – the person who has the assets and won’t pay, or who is hiding the assets, or trying to.

“Better debtors” are the only way to go. I learned. And, they are worth waiting for, rather than spending time and money when I could be walking my dog or watching a game.

A Key to the Business as I teach it: Know how to screen every judgment heavily. Don’t waste time or money. Then go walk your dog or watch a game. (Feet up, of course.)

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