Jump-starting the Business

In the Course I mention one of the things that got me jump-started in this business.

Using one of my databases, I realized that I could search for plaintiff’s/creditors by name. So, as a test, I put in the name of a Ford dealer about 5 miles away: Pearson Ford. This was around 2001.

My databases revealed that Pearson Ford held about 80 judgments against people who didn’t pay for leases, or something else. One guy had stolen 5K from them. Average judgment was about 4K, not a ton, but hey, I wanted some business and some experience.

I printed out the details of each case and organized them by year. Then I called their collections office, and spoke to the manager, Wendy. She said to come on down, so I headed out to Pearson Ford.

I showed her the cases and she looked through them, and said, “Oh, this one is satisfied, and that one, but we forgot to file a satisfaction of judgment.”

Then she said, pick a year, Peter and take those. I did.

And I enforced a good number of them, but I could have done better. What I should have done was take those 80 or so judgments, and first investigated each judgment debtor to find the “better debtor.” Then I could have walked in and said, “Here, I want these 8 judgments.”

Live and learn. Without first investigating judgment debtors we waste our time and energy and get frustrated. I learned. I don’t chase anyone now. Either they have the assets, or they don’t. If not, I don’t take the judgments. If they do, then I accept the assignment, and enforce it.

Two steps: 1) Locate the assets (usually using the databases), and then 2) lien or levy property, or direct the sheriff to seize it.

Life has been much simpler since I started doing that.

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