Isn't 50% of a judgment a lot to get paid?

When I started in the business, back in 2000, I was surprised at 50% too. Seemed like a lot. But I soon realized that it's not. We have a niche. We've learned how to locate assets, and choose the right enforcement measures. We've learned how to use the courts and sheriffs to help with our enforcement. Your everyday person doesn't know that. So, we're quite valuable to others.

Also, a lot of judgment winners who contact me have already paid an attorney lots of money. Then the attorney said, "I'll enforce it, but you'll have to keep paying me." What?!

So the judgment holder will often contact one of us. We handle the costs, and most of them are added back onto the judgment after we collect. The judgment holder pays nothing, except maybe a $10 notary fee at the outset. That's attractive to them.

They do nothing. We have the expertise. We enforce. Then we pay the creditor his or her share.

Yes, I might to go 45% sometimes. But usually 50% is just right, really.


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