Is your support hands-on?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Yes it is. No amount of courses can stand in for actual personal help. Especially in the first year, a person new to this business will have hundreds of specific questions, maybe many more, about discovering judgments, investigating them, and all the methods and strategies to you. I'll walk you through them.

Yes, I share through one-on-one Zoom tutorials, and together we investigate actual judgments you've found and one's I can find for you , in order to determine 1) if it's a good judgment or not (very important), 2) what enforcement are best in this particular instance, and 3) which strategies to follow.

It cuts way down on the learning curve, so you can get up and going sooner and way better.

Questions? Let me know. Thank you.

Stay safe in this difficult time. Peter

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