Is this business for everyone?

This is a profession. It takes learning. It is not for those who seek a quick payday based on their present knowledge. That's not going to happen.

We learn 3 things in this business: 1) We learn to investigate. 2) We learn to strategize. 3) We learn the niche in our legal system called "creditor's law."

There is ongoing learning. That's not for everyone. The good news, though, is that you don't have to learn everything before you can start. You can get your business license, your databases (I'll show you how), and launch right into it. You can reach me by phone or email me with questions as you go through he course part of the Program. You can share the cases with me that you are considering. We can go over them together. I'll show you how I look at a case--the pluses, of course, and the minuses that you should stay away from. I was fortunate enough to learn from others as I grew my business. You can too

One more thing. I can't recommend this business to someone who doesn't already have some sort of income coming in. Starting the business part time is fine. That's what I did. Or even in one's spare time. Like everything worthwhile, this is a a process. Before starting any new business, make sure some that the income is there for you as you get up and going.

If you are considering the business, and you'd like a demonstration of how we find judgments and some of the things we look for, let me know. We can do an informal screen share and I'll go over some key things with you. Happy to.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Let me know, please.

Oh! Almost forgot. This business works much better in some states than others. Let me know where you are, and I'll let you know what I know.


My best to you and your family.


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