Is this a good time to be in the judgment business?

The only bad time was during the recession. Yes, there were more judgments then, but also there were fewer people who were able to pay them.

So the answer is yes, it's a good time, but only if you are in a good state, and if do the business right (of course). There are a lot of judgments from the recession period, and those judgment-debtors are back in the good economy with means to make the judgment good.

Even without the recession there are tons of judgments. California alone has over 500,000 judgments a year. Scary, but true.

Of course not all of the 500,000 judgment are enforceable.

If someone is still broke, you don't want it (yes I show you how to know that).

The key is always getting the right judgment (and yes, that's a large part of my Program with ongoing mentoring).

Questions? Let me know.

Thanks. Peter

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