Is it hard to place a lien on property?

If a judgment debtor has real property, whether a home, a 2nd home in another state, or some bare land somewhere, then we can lien that property, and in many instances force a sale of the property to pay off the judgment.

But how do we lien it? Is it hard?

Not hard at all. There are 3 ways to lien property in the U.S. Which one is for you, will depend on what state you are in. (Yes, I show how to do it in each states.)

1. In some states the lien is created automatically. For example, if you have a judgment in MO, when the judgment is rendered there's an automatic lien on all the judgment debtor's real property. If the property is in a different MO county, then you simply get a copy of the judgment, and move the judgment to that other county. Easy peasy.

2. In some other states you simply record a copy the judgment at the county recorder or the courthouse in that county. Easy peasy, too .

3. In other states you fill out a form called an "Abstract of Judgment," which tells who the judgment debtor is, and how much the judgment is for. Then mail it to the court and get it approved; then mail it to the county where the property is, and they'll record it. Also easy peasy.

Wondering about your state? Let me know. Call or email if you like. Never a problem.

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