Investigating for the Best Judgments

These days people call me with their judgments, and I immediately go on one of my prof. databases, and investigate the judgment debtor. In 30 seconds I know where he or she lives, homes, cars, professional licenses, boats, and tons more. From there I can identify whether the person is a "better debtor." And whether I want the judgment in the first place.

-I've advertised for judgments on Google Adwords

-I've "mined" for judgments on databases (yes, you can too)

-I've searched for judgments at the county courthouses

Whichever way you find them, the key is to investigate before accepting any judgment. Always do that. I'll repeat - Always. You don't want anything on your desk that isn't doable. And it doesn't take many good judgments to make good money.

If you have questions, please let me know.


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