I'm looking for a Step by Step approach

Everybody is. Especially when dealing with the judgment enforcement methods. When we start, we're pretty much a blank slate. Then we learn. And learn more.

So, yes, there are steps for each of the 6 enforcement methods. And there are steps for just getting into the business the right way, so that you don't lose time and money. You'll want to be set up so your business runs as smoothly as possible.

That's what the Course part of the Program does: It takes you through start up phase, 2) the investigation of judgments phase, 3) and the contacting the creditor phase. "Do this; then this; then this; and don't forget that; and so on."

And, with personal mentoring, you can avoid the pitfalls that newer people always make. Me too, when I started. I made every mistake in the book. Probably more than once. It slowed me down. It doesn't have to slow you down. You want what's tried and true.

We're aware of a lot of things, but we're not aware of what we don't know. Why not? Because we don't know that we don't know them!

The actual enforcement parts of the business are also in the Course and Forum parts of the program, step by step. Have a bank garnishment to do? Turn to page 170, and don't forget to see the steps on the forum, under your state's information.

And the same with each of the other 6 enforcement methods.

Of course there's always some figuring out to do.

And don't forget the frustration. It's a business, after all.

And don't forget the earnings. That's also part of the business.

Question? Feel free to email me, or just call.



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