How long until I make some money?

I'm asked this a lot, of course. And I point out that there may be a better question.

We wouldn't ask "how long until we make some money" if we were taking a class on finance or real estate or even welding. Instead we'd wonder "how long" before I became skilled enough in the business to make money.

There's a good deal of learning here as with each and every worthy endeavor. That's why I recommend starting part time, and growing with the training. Let it seep in.

When I started, a lot of things went over my head. I was in a completely different field from my day job. I had to let the learning seep in over a number of months until, one by one, those "Ahah!" moments. "Now I see!"

A lot of our time is spent investigating. That's nice, because I can do it with a cup of coffee in my hand and my dog at my feet. I can lien back and go at my speed, depending on what else is going on in my life.

Probably 10% is doing paperwork. Okay, perhaps 20% at first until we get the hang of it, and it becomes pretty automatic.

What's most important though, is strategy. I don't want to blunder into a case without first securing the judgment, which really means securing assets beforehand. No assets? Well, I don't take the case. And yes, 95% of the time I'll know about assets before hand. That is, if I'm doing the business right.

Every case is different, which is really nice. I'm never bored. Frustrated sometimes, yes. It's a business. But never bored. And each case requires a little different strategy depending on the assets, the psychology of the judgment debtor, and his or her current and possible future financial situation.

I learned some from others in the business, and I learned by asking for help and trying to thoroughly think a case through. And I learned from my mistakes, which were not few.

I share all of this in my training, some of it one-on-one with screen share and over the phone. Lots too in our daily Forum. I want you to see the strategies I've used, and when I've used them. And I really want you to not make my mistakes.

Questions? Let me know, please.


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