How long until I get paid?

As with everything else in life, "It depends." To be honest, I know people who have been in the business for some time, and make only little. Why? They are doing the business the wrong way. That's all.

In most cases they hadn't set up the business correctly, and they took judgment blindly, expecting every judgment to "pay off." That's like a carpenter closing his or her eyes as they reaching into toolbox and expecting to find the right tool. It won't work.

We take judgment carefully, very carefully, and only after screening them. I never take a judgment unless I first know there are good assets, or, in some cases, the very strong likelihood of assets. It doesn't take a lot of good judgments to make good money.

In other cases, people coming into the business hadn't realized that there's a learning curve. They wanted money right way. That won't work with this business. There's a good deal of learning here just as thee is with each and every worthwhile business. That's why I recommend starting part time, if possible, and growing with the training. Let it seep in.

For example, When I started, a lot of things went over my head. It was a completely different field from my day job. I had to let the learning seep in over a number of weeks, and sometimes months until, one by one, those "Ahah!" moments. "Now I see!"

That's why I teach WHAT to do and WHY. And also what NOT to do. The last thing you want is to spin your wheels.

I share all of this in my training, of course, much of it one-on-one with screen share and personally over the phone. Lots too, in our daily Forum. I want you to see the strategies I use, and when I've used them. And I really want you to not make the mistakes I made when I started (which are the same ones just about everyone makes when they start).

Questions? Let me know, please.

Thank you. Peter

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