How do you find judgments?

There are 3 basic ways.

1) Courthouse research: It's not necessary to do it this way anymore, at least for many states and counties. But it's all that I had when I started, and I must say, tedious as it was, I learned a ton about how to read court files. Every bit of knowledge in this business helps.

2) Advertising: Some successful judgment enforcers advertise on line. AdWords is one way, and there are a lot of other online places to get the word out in your state and community, even nationally. "Key words," are really important, obviously. You want to drive people to your site, so that they can see who you are, and what you do. Websites are today's business cards.

3) Professional Investigative Databases: These are available to us when our business is set up right and we have our business license. These are not what the public has. These databases will show you which companies and people have judgment, how much they are, and also let you investigate the judgment debtor right there: cars, boats, homes, professional licenses, businesses, and much more. I list a number of these database in the Course part of my Program, and also on the Forum. Some I've listed on this site too. These are so important to have. I can't stress that enough. Not having them for this business is like a mechanic trying to fix a car with fork. We need them.

In the Course part I share how, when I started, I located a business close to me with 80 or so judgments, just by finding them on a database. I made an appointment with them, and solicited their business. I got it, and more business down the road.

I don't need to mention word-of-mouth. I guess I just did, though. When one 2 or 20 people see what you can do, word gets around. You'll be surprised how many people have money judgments rendered for any number of reasons. I've been offered judgments for simple "breach of contract (there are a lot of these, such as when the workman runs off with the money for the addition)," auto accident, loans not paid back, ex-spouse won't pay the alimony, etc.; I've also had some out ones, for wrongful death and wrongful burial (go figure) come to mind. Tons of judgments out there, if you know how to look.

Questions? Let me know.

Thanks, Peter

. Tons of judgments out there, if you know how to look.

Questions? Let me know.

Thanks, Peter

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