How do I know that your Course is the best one?

First, I offer more than a course. It’s an entire Program from start-up to advanced training, and yes, with ongoing mentoring. That includes hands, on 1 on 1 start up assistance, with personal care.

Also, you'll want to learn from somebody who's actually in the business. If you want to know if a course-provider is actually in the business, call them, ask for a 2019 court document they've filed. (It's public record.) Test them out. You may be surprised.

Also, I don't BS anyone about making 8K your first month (doubt it), or that you can do this business in any state (that isn't true either). And, I warn people away from working this business in certain states, or suggest some work-arounds.

I'm actually in the business.I know what it takes to be in the business the right way. I teach every day. Also, 75% of people who get my Program and my personal support have already spent money on a course, and need much more than that.

Oh, and you can call me personally with questions about my Program. No problem.


Take care, please.


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