How can I be sure this is the best course for me?

First, I offer more than a course. It’s an entire Program from start-up to advanced training, and yes, with ongoing mentoring. That includes hands help, one-on-one start up assistance, with personal care. We go over cases together, look at the pros and cons of taking a each case, and we do screen shares together so I can show you how to find judgment and investigate the judgment debtor before you take the judgment. (Never after!). You'll also learn from somebody who's actually in the business and has encounter all kinds of judgments and used numerous strategies in enforcing them. If you want to know if a course-provider is actually in the business, call them and ask for a recent court document they've filed. (It's public record.) Also, I don't BS about making a bunch of money your first month. (You won't.) Or that you can do this business in any state. (That isn't true either). And, I warn people away from working this business in certain states, or suggest some possible work-arounds. I'm actually in the business.I know what it takes to be in the business the right way. I teach this business each and every day either personally or on my Forum. 75% of people who get my Program and have my personal support already spent money on a course, and found they needed much more. Oh, and you can call me personally with questions about my Program or about any cases you may have. No problem. 619.758.3552

Take care, please. Peter

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