Do you have examples of reasons for the judgments?

Yes, I've been offered or have taken judgments because of,

  • Automobile accidents,

  • Contractor ran off with money, 5K, 10K or more

  • Friend didn't pay friend back 10K or more

  • Tenant owes landlord (I almost never take these),

  • Landlord owes tenant (I like these)

  • Business breaches a contract with another business and owes,

  • Business breaches contract with a customer and owes

  • Auto shop wrecked the car on a test drive,

  • Theft from an antique store

  • Palm reader scammed an older woman (really!)

  • Wrongful death from auto accident

  • Wrongful burial (that was a weird one, really.)

  • Ex-husband won't pay the alimony, ugh! (or vice versa)

  • Employee wasn't paid as agreed,

  • Wrongful job termination from job,

  • blah, blah, blah.

You'll be surprised about the types of judgments you're offered. If you can think it, then there have been judgments because of it.

But it doesn't matter what the judgment was for. What matters is if the judgment debtor has assets.

That's where your new investigation skills come in.

Questions? Let me know.




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