Changes in CA for JR Business

I've always touted CA as one of the very best states for this business. Now it's a step down, at least in a way. CA has changed the exemption rues for judgment debtors. Now, if you levy (garnish) a bank account, the first $1750 or so is exempt from enforcement. It goes to the judgment debtor. Booo.

There's also a plus to this, if you can imagine that. Too often newer judgment enforcers go for questionable judgment debtors -- those whom it's harder to enforce against because they have so little to garnish. They take a chance that may be they'll be able to enforce it. That's not a good idea. Best idea - fewer judgments with more "better debtors." (Yes, that's what my Course and my Program are about.)

So, we who enforce judgments in CA will have to be more careful in taking judgments. Screen them even more heavily than before. Screening is the key. Everything (yes everything) on your desk should be doable. None of that, "I hope I collect on 30%." That's not the right way to be in the business.

Questions? (If you're wondering about possible exemptions in your state, let me know.)

Be safe.


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