Can I Take Out of State Judgments?

The short answer is yes, but carefully. Most of my judgments now are outside of my NY area. For example, currently I'm taking a CA judgment where the judgment debtor now lives in New Hampshire. I can either enforce it through the CA courts, or move it to N.H.

So, in some instances an out of state judgment can be enforced right from your desk in your home state. In some other instances, the judgment needs to be moved to that other state. (Yes, obviously all of this is explained in the Course part of the Program, with more all the steps listed on the Forum, under that particular state's codes.)

But make sure that judgment is a good one first!! That's also what a good part of my training is about. And, I explain which types of judgment debtors are the best when taking an out of state judgment.

Questions? Let me know.

My best to all here, Peter

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