Can I make 100K my first year in this business?

I don't know anyone who made a 100K their first year. I didn't, back in 2000. I already had a full time job, and judgment enforcement was my "part time" job, though I put full time into it. I made every mistake in the book, and kept saying to myself, "This is such a good idea. How come it's not working yet?"

The problem was the mistakes I was making. I didn't know how to locate judgments easily, or the tricks to thoroughly investigate the judgment debtor before taking the judgments. I had a bunch of judgments, probably 80 in my first year. If someone had said to me, "Hey, Peter, how's the business?" I'd say, "Great, got a whole bunch of judgments!" I did okay. I remember garnishing a bank account in San Diego for 20K. Some others paid off, but the problem was that I hadn't screened out all the broke people, the druggies, the one's who had moved overseas, or those who were living in Ma's garage playing video games all day. I didn't need 80 bad ones. I just needed 10 good ones.

We want the "better debtor" every time. We don't chase anyone, ever. Either they have the assets, or they don't. And we know how to investigate to find that out.

Can you make 100K? Probably not your first year. Lots to learn, but I'll show you the tricks, and how to do it right.

Questions? Let me know.

Happy upcoming 4th of July to all. Peter

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