Can I do wage garnishment in my state?

Probably. But some states have strict wage garnishment laws. Under most circumstances, there is no wage garnishment permitted in TX, PA, N.C. S.C. Florida has restrictions too, if you are garnishing a "head of household."

Most other states follow the federal guidelines permitting 25% of disposable earnings to be garnished.

That said, it's been more than a decade since I've garnished wages. Why? If someone has a crummy job, they may just leave it. (I typically don't take those judgments anyway.) And if someone has a good job, they'll also have a bank accounts. So, I garnish just the bank account. Why not?

As I've said, there are 6 basic enforcement measures. The ones I've used the most are: 1) Bank garnishment, 2) real property lien, and 3) "assignment order" (where the court orders that rights to payments coming to the judgment debtor to be sent to me. Very cool.)

Questions? Let me know. Thanks


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