Call or Write? Which one is best?

When I started my business, I made the same mistakes others still make.

I’d locate a judgment, and then write to the plaintiff/creditor. And, I got the same result that others got -very little response from anyone.

What do I do now?

I recommend calling the plaintiff/creditor.

“Mr. Williams, my name is Peter Gilboy and I enforce judgments. I see that in 2016 you got a judgment against Howard Thompson for $16,000. Can I help you.”

A typical response is, “Damn right you can help me! Where is that guy?”

Then I point out that I’ve located him and that I believe I’ve already located assets, and I’m ready to move on them.

Of course they are interested! And almost always I get the judgment.

KEY: Never take a judgment unless you first locate assets. Ever. Knowing how to do that is one of the main keys to our successes.

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