What is the "better judgment debtor?"

Once you're in "in the business," you'll see that there are 3 types of judgment debtors.

1. Many are honest people (like you and me) who fell on difficult times in the past, or perhaps are currently having a tough financial time.

If that's the case, I'll work with them the best I can. We've all been broke or on hard times, too. Because we own the judgment, all rights, title and interest in it, we can settle with them for less or make a payment plan of some kind.


2. These are the "okay" people who, yes, have the assets and money to pay the judgment, but don't think anyone knows how to "make" them pay.

In cases like this, I know how what to do. I'll locate the assets (I'll show you how,) and direct the sheriff to garnish or levy them. Then I'll split the money with the plaintiff. In doing so, I've helped the plaintiff and his or her family, and I've helped my own.


3. Some judgment debtors are crooks, lowlifes, scammers, bums. (Yes, they are out there.)

I want to help the plaintiffs as much as you do. But some judgment debtors are habitual lowlifes. They have nothing now. They've had nothing in the past. Sometimes they're on drugs. Maybe on mom's couch. I don't want to waste my time and effort.

I know how to identify these people (I'll show you how) and then I don't accept the judgment. No way.

I may commiserate with the plaintiff who has called me for help, and tell him or her that they did the right thing getting the judgment. But it's not doable right now.

Many plaintiff's are almost relieved to hear that, because they know they can put the judgment in a drawer for now, and maybe call me back in a couple of years. I'll check out the debtor again for them, then. Maybe the situation has changed.

I can't fix every problem. I have a life and a family too. (And a dog).

Point: You need to be able to identify the "better debtor." That's the key in this business. And then know which of the 6 enforcement methods to use.

If you have a question about this, please feel free to give me a call. Thanks.


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