Should I take child support judgments?

I get calls from time to time from people who are thinking about starting a JE business, and they want to focus on child support judgment. They ask me if this is a good idea. After all, children need the money, and judgment enforcers know how to find it and have the sheriff take it. And for sure, a lot of money is owed in child support.

Just like every other judgment, if there are assets there, I’ll accept the judgment. But child support judgments are tough. No, they’re tough, tough, tough. I want to help children as much as the next judgment enforcer. But these so-called fathers (and yes, they’re almost always fathers) are deadbeats. Complete and utter down-and-outers. Druggies. crooks. or simply slackers living on mom’s couch with the latest X-Box, or maybe on girlfriend Lu’s couch and sponging off her for smokes and Oreos.

In my humble view, focusing on child support judgments is not a good business decision. And yes, I get calls from mothers asking for help. I always commiserate, and then run my investigative to see where the father is, and what he’s up to. Rarely do I have good news for the mother.

In the end, the mother understands. And I ask her to call me back in a year or two, and I’ll take another look. Maybe the guy grows up and gets a job or wins the lottery. Doubt it, but I’ll take a look. I want to help.

And yes, I’d take a child support judgment if (note, if ) there are assets. That’s always the key. And I know how to find them. With assets, then I have something to do. But no job, boat, business, home, jade chess set, cool car or any other asset, then there’s nothing for me to do. My time would be better spent selling scuba equipment in the Mohave Desert.

So instead, I’ll go back to the cases I’m working, or get on with searching or advertising for judgments I can screen to find the good ones.

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