Q. You  give out your personal phone. Can we really call you?

Peter:  Yes. 619.758.3552  I'm on NY time mostly these days, so please mind the hour. I like questions. 

Q.  Is this business easy?
Peter:  No. No business is easy. If you find an easy business, call me. Right away. Every business takes the time, energy, the right information and resources. And every business has it's frustrations. This one too. Please don't be led by glowing websites that tell you how easy it is. It's a profession. If you want a profession, then read on.

Q. Is everybody successful in this business?
Peter: No, not everyone.

Q.  Why are some successful, and others are not?
Peter: Some people have a better work ethic than others. They know that this is a profession, and they know that any business is hard work. They are not afraid of work. Those who succeed didn't believe the websites that say this business is easy. And, those who succeed know that you can't run a business without some money. While start up and ongoing costs are minimal in this business, it does take some capital to get up and going correctly.

Q. If you had to identify 1 reason people may not be successful in this business, what would it be?

Peter:  I'll list 2.  First, unfortunately some websites you may have seen only promote the possible results of the business - money, but they don't tell you that you really have to work.  So, people only get one-half of the story. When they realize they are really in business and now have to work hard, they become discouraged.

Second, people have a tougher going if they don't start with the right amount of capital. Please trust me on that. For example, not having the professional databases makes your job harder. You don't need that when starting a new professions. Plan on databases costing $200 or $250 a month. More if you use them more. Less if you use them less (I list them in the course, and tell you which ones I use and what they each do. They are pay per use.)  See below, please, for some other costs.

Q. What can I do if I'm not able to get the databases yet?

Peter:  You can go ahead and at least start the business up according to the business model I explain in the course.  Then, follow closely on the forum. You'll be gaining knowledge absolutely every day, and that knowledge will really shorten your actual start up when you do begin.  

Q. You mentioned costs. What about other start up costs and ongoing monthly costs? I've seen advertisements that say "Zero Overhead" and "You don't even have to get dressed." Is that true?
 Obviously it's not true. Every business requires a financial investment. Don't be fooled by those who say otherwise.  

    Realistic Costs to start up and keep going: 

  • Business Phone—check the cost in your area.
  • Private mail box (not a P.O. Box—I explain why in the course.)
  • High speed Internet, of course. (You’ll need this with the professional Databases)
  • Maybe advertising on Google or elsewhere ($100 a month at least). (Don't use the Yellow Pages! I explain why in the course.)
  • Sign up for Databases—about $75 at start up. One time charge.
  • Ongoing use of Databases— these are important!. Plan on around $200 each month for these. A little more once you have some money coming in. Without these databases you will have a very difficult time being successful and waste a lot of time look for cases at the court. PLEASE trust me on that.
  • Ongoing JR Education –this will vary. But it's essential if you want to be a real professional.
  • Misc office costs --stamps, envelopes, good printer, etc.


   Frankly, if these costs are too much for you, then you are not yet ready to start any business. If you were opening a restaurant or Lube & Tune, you would be paying around $500K just for start up and $10-40K a month overhead. Even starting a simple flower shop business on a street corner would cost more than the JR business—j ust to build the stand and buy new flowers every day!   

   So, it's best not to start unless you have these minimum resources. Or, as I said above,  start, then follow on the forum and save you're money for a bit. Again, this is a profession. You must be professional and do it right.       

   But also remember that your costs are tax deductible—including the course. You can write off computer purchases, Internet fees, and all related office materials you get for your business. You can also deduct for your office space, electricity, etc.—in proportion to the rent or mortgage you are already paying. And, after you're up and going, you won't have the cost of the regular daily commute, and other auto expenses. That's a big saver too.

Q.   What else do I have to know to be successful?
Peter:  Every business has its steps to success. Here are the ones you must have to know to be successful in this business.

  •   How to locate judgments efficiently (There are 4 ways)
  •   How to screen out worthless judgments so you're not wasting time    and money when the defendant is broke and on mom's couch or is in  jail or something else. You want the "better debtor." 
  •   How to actually enforce the judgments -Step by Step- by placing liens,   levying or  garnishing  property & wages. and more.
  •   How to handle complications.  (Yes there can be complications.)  

Oh, and you also need a friendly online Forum where you can ask questions and get good answers from a dozen long-time professionals.   See below about the support I offer.

Q.  If I start, what will I be thinking about the business in 3 months?

Peter: That it's harder than you thought, and more interesting than you thought.
Q.  Peter, do you offer an E-Book?
Peter: No. Because the Course is Step-by-Step, it's too chock full of information and steps for an email.  Even the 90 CD files included with the course won't fit on an email. It's a 3-Ring Binder with CD and ongoing support on my Forum, the course is mailed out to you the same day, by Priority Mail.   (Also, to be truthful, if I turned it into an E-Book it would be all over the country in a day.)

Q.  Why should I believe your Course is the best?
Peter:  Just look at how informative this website is. I lay it all out there, to help everyone. In the same way, my course is the most comprehensive and reader friendly. Also....

  • And I'm a straight-shooter about what this business takes.

  • As important as the mentoring I do, my Judgment Recovery Course  really is Step-by-Step.  It says, to garnish wages - Step one: Do this.  Step two: Do this. Next step: Do this.  People love it.  

  • The JR business is knowledge-intensive.  If you don't have the knowledge it becomes frustrating and labor-intensive.  I provide that knowledge.

  • Just as this website is the most informative one you'll find about the business, so is my course!  

  •   I also provide the latest and most effect business model.  Others are still using the model from the '90s.  Also, I try to anticipate all the questions new people may have, and problems they may encounter. It's really the course I wish I had when I started.  AND my updated 2016 Course shows more ways to locate judgments Online.


  • .  The support is the best as well.  My Proboards Mentoring Forum has top people on it from across the country. Again, if you come into this business, you don't want it to be LABOR INTENSIVE.  Work smarter, not harder. That's so important.  You want to have the knowledge to make the work so much easier.  I provide the most comprehensive course anywhere.  

  • .   Oh, and I'm actually in this business.  Me. I'm not a marketeer. Others claim to be in the business, or suggest that they are, but have never been, or haven't been in the business for more than a decade. So, if someone else with a course claims to be in this business, ask them to email you a copy of their business license. It's a public record, so it shouldn't be a problem. (I'll add that probably 50% of people who by my course already have another, and need to go farther.)

Q.  How do you do the mentoring? Can people call you for help?
Peter: Yes of course. But first I ask that everyone put their question out on the Support Group Forum.  That way, everyone can learn from everyone's questions. Besides myself, I have about a dozen of the top JR people in the country helping.  It's not "beginners helping beginners" like I had when I started. In short: YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT.  
Q.  I heard that the rules for judgment recovery are changing.  Is that true?
Peter: No it's not.  I know of no state that has changed it's enforcement rules or is planning to.
Q. Are some judgments easier to collect than others?
Peter:  Yes, of course. You want the judgments that are doable. And I'll show you how to screen through them even before you accept them. You want your business to be efficient and effective.
Q. Can anybody be a good Judgment Recovery Specialist?
Peter:   No, not just anybody.  Again, some people still believe that it’s easy to have a business.  They believe the Internet hype. Also, every business has its frustrations and headaches.   If you can find a businessperson who doesn’t have weekly or daily frustrations, then I want to know what business that is.  Being in business is hard. It’s not for everybody. But I make it as easy as possible with my course. And, you must have the right start up money to get the databases and other things that are our best tools.  
Q. Can I ask again about the databases?  Is this how I find out information about the judgment debtors?
  I'll show you the best "Private Investigator" databases available, which have a terrific compilation of public records and more. I'll explain each, and give you the pluses and minuses of them, as well as which ones I use, and why.  You'll also be able to pull credit reports on the judgment debtor after you take a judgment. That will have information about cars, jobs, and much more.  You cannot be in this business effectively with out these!  Please believe me on that.      

Q. So, how much could I make the first year?

Peter: Everyone asks this question. The truthful answer is that you could make a lot, or you could make zero.  It all depends on the quality of the judgments you accept, and how hard you work.  
      Consider this: If someone was thinking of opening a restaurant and asked you how much they might make in the first year, you would probably tell them that it depends on the quality of the food, the location of the restaurant, the atmosphere, and so on.
      It's the same with the JR business. How much you make depends on the quality of the judgments you accept, your knowledge of the business, and how hard you work. Now, let's say you are only working part-time as a Judgment Recovery Specialist. (Most people start part time) You have used the information and resources I provide in this Course to locate the debtors, locate most of their places of employment or their banks, and other assets.  Don't plan on big money right away. You wouldn't expect that if you were a welder or computer repair person. You wouldn't expect that if you fixed cars or remodeled homes. 
Q. It sounds so easy.
Peter:  Well, it's not. Definitely not. Ask anyone actually in the business, and not a marketeer. If another course provider tells you differently, ask to speak to them. Truth is that, just like fixing a car, every case has it's hiccups and frustrations. And it's pluses too, of course.

Q. Are there larger cases out there?
Peter:  Yes, much, much larger. But you should first learn the ropes in small claims, and then move on to the civil court if you like. The judgment recovery rules are basically the same, but the strategies are more complex.  So don't worry about the larger ones yet. Once you become established and effective, larger judgments will be offered to you as well.
Q.  Okay, I'm thinking of getting into this business. But do I ever have to meet the debtor face to face? 
 Sometimes, yes. It is possible that there will be a court appearance under certain circumstances, and the debtor will likely appear. I've also met debtors, at their request, at Starbucks and places like that to work out a settlement.  Mostly they are friendly and just embarrassed about the judgment.  But if you don't feel comfortable with this, then this is not the business for you.  It's not for everyone.
Q.  I was told by a guy at a web-seminar that I can do business in any state, and from home.  He said I can do it all through the mail.  Is that true?
No, It's not true. Some states are much better than others for this business, and some have strict limitations on the JR business. Email me about the state you want to do business in, and I'll respond right away.  petergilboy@gmail.com
  But generally, the worst states for this business, in my view, are Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Michigan. New Jersey too has some problems.  Also, in Nevada, you have to have 2 years collections experience just to get a collections license, which prohibits most people from starting up.  If I moved to those states, I  probably would not continue in this business, even with my experience.    
     As for the best states, in my view those would include Georgia, New York, Ohio, California, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Montana, Oregon, and some others too. The best states have all the enforcement measures (liens, levies, garnishments, etc.) and they have no separate collection agency requirements.  

    Other states are in between, but still quite good.   They may be great for this business, with the added responsibility of getting a collections license.  Call or email about your state, and I'll tell you what I know, and how to get more information. 

Q. I've heard about buying liens.   Do you do that?
Peter:  I have a number of liens across the country, and I know that courses are sold about how to do that. But the courses I've seen do not cover the important homestead exemptions, the effect of a lien in bankruptcy and how to defeat it, and how to calculate real equity in the property. Nor do they cover the difference between types of homesteads and different ways the property can be held. That's covered in my Step-by-Step Course. It's not as easy as marketeers make it seem. Nothing is as easy as marketeers make it seem. But I think you already know that.
Q. How is what you do different from a collection agency?
Peter:  Collection agencies typically deal in "debt," such as credit card debt, and others.  And they call and write people telling them they are very bad for not paying, and that they really should. I don't do that. I don't call anyone, and I don't write to anyone. I have judgments--a court order that a person owes the money. That has some teeth to it. My job is to locate assets, and lien them, garnish them, or direct the sheriff to seize them. Very different from a typical collection agency.

Q. Is this business dangerous?

Peter: Not in my experience. Debtors may be embarrased, but not angry.  I don't think it's any more dangerous than most other jobs out there.

Q. Do you provide all the court forms for my state?

Peter.   Every state has their court forms already online for free. But absolutely I provide all templates for contracts, assignments, agreements, letters to the creditor, and much much more.  It's in the Course and on the Course CD that accompanies it.  I've put as much as possible in Word

format, so it can be easily used.

Q. Are all enforcement procedures covered in your Course applicable to my state?

Peter:  While state laws and forms may differ a bit, the procedures are basically similar. You will need to research some of your own state laws for those specific differences. (I give lots of that on the Forum) And I'll show you how. All the other general forms, letters to creditors, and how to call the creditors and what to say to them—all of that is in the course. And my support too.

​​​Q. If you are so successful, then how come you are selling a course? Aren't you creating competition?
 Good question. I wrote this course at the encouragement of others in this business—many in the CAJP (www.cajp.org) and JR people from other states. They knew I could write and they knew I understood this business well, and that I was successful.  
   Why did they want me to write it? Frankly, a lot of people in this business were dropping out because they didn't have the right tools to get up and running, or they believed the hype on the Internet about this being such an easy business.    
    I would never say that this is an easy business. No business is easy. You have to work. You have to work hard. (If you are not a hard worker, then it's probably best not to be in business for yourself. But if you are a hard worker, than this may be the business for you.)    
   Also, I wrote this course because I don't want the JR business to be screwed up, and then regulated by the states. If more people are doing this business knowledgeably and professionally, then we won't be regulated.
    The reason there are specific state regulations for doctors, lawyers, real estate people and others, is because some people in those professions weren't professional. I don't want that to happen to my profession. So, if you have the right training, it helps me too.    
   By the way, I just mentioned the California Association of Judgment Professionals. It's the premier educational association in this business, and it's nonprofit. While much is California specific, I encourage everyone in this business to join, regardless of what state they are in,  and attend their training.  Seewww.CAJP.org. This is a knowledge-intensive business, and you want to get the most and the best.
Q. Why does your course cost a little more than some other courses?
Peter:  Because I put more into it and you'll get more out of it.. Because it's the best. Because I'm actually in this business.  Because I'm someone who is in the business and can be the best mentor. And if you follow my program, you'll make more money sooner than with any other course. I'm not going to apologize for it being a bit more. It really is the course I wish I had when I started. 

Q. But other courses also claim to be the best. How do I really know that yours really is the best?
 Call them with your questions.  Or email them. Ask them if they are really in this business, and ask them to show you their latest "assignment of judgment."  It's a public record.  And, if another course offers a money back guarantee too, get them both and do your own comparison. Keep the one you want, and get your refund from the other.

     My Guarantee to You

 If you can show me that another course is superior, I'll buy that course for you and you can return mine. I simply would not have taken the time to write this course if I didn't firmly believe it was a much, much, much better course, and a big time saver and money saver for those starting up their companies.    
  Also, this is the newest course available (most are 3 to 15 years behind.). It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive course available. And it is the only course that takes you WAY beyond the beginning stages of Judgment Recovery.   And, I offer a personal ongoing mentoring support through my E-group. Frankly, approximately 35%-50% of the people who buy this course have bought other courses, and need more. You've probably seen those courses on the Web too. 

Q.  I already bought another course.  Can I have access to your E-Group for support? 
  I get asked about that every day. My new forum support at JRSpecialists.Proboards.com is only for  those who have my course. Please understand. I have my own cases, and I can mentor people who don't have what's already in my step-by-step Course. The purpose of the Forum is to go beyond even the Course. I hope you'll understand. But I do offer a $50 discount for those who have already invested in a course.  It's only fair.

Q.  If you have other updates, can I get one?
 My updates are regular, and always are things that I've covered first on my Support Group at JRSpecialists.ProBoards.com .  Everyone there has them.  Sometimes they are changes in laws, or or things which I've learned that I think others need to know.     

Q. Can I call your customer support to talk to someone?
  I'm the only customer support I have!  Me. Only me. No sales people. I do it myself. You want to have the right information from someone who is actually in this business. My office number is 619.758.3552. If I'm on a business call, or out of the office, or on my own cases, I'll call you back as quickly as I can.  (I’m busy too.)  

                  And yes, I even did this website myself too.

                       Not too slick, I know. But it got done. 

   I want to put a ding in the universe.

                Steve Jobs

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        (It's a public record.)

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