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Every town, city, and state has a way to settle disputes. These are our small claims courts and our regular civil courts.

At the end of the hearing, the court judge makes a decision—called a judgment. It’s not an order to pay, just a decision of how much is owed — from $100 to $100's of thousands.

But people usually don’t pay. 

It’s the same problem in every community.

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That’s where we come in. We benefit the community because:

  • We know how to investigate the judgment debtor;  

  • We understand the 6 enforcement methods;

  • And the steps to complete each of them;

  • We know how to use the court and the sheriff to recover the money, and finally get paid.

It’s of benefit to us too because:

  • Our profit is directly related to our knowledge and effort;

  • We can work from home over 90% of the time;

  • We can start part-time to accumulate the knowledge and skills; and

  • ...then we can go full time if we choose to.


  • Our ongoing costs are very low compared to other start-ups;

  • And quality judgment enforcers make an excellent income.

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