My Guarantee to You

  There are a number of courses out there, most of them very inexpensive.  When I started, back in 2000, I bought them all. Why not?  Still, I spun my wheels and got so frustrated-- for about 2 years. Ugh! I don't wish that on anyone. 

  If I had my Program, Course, and Mentoring when I started, I would have saved myself 2 years, quite a bit of money, and a lot of hair-pulling. What I offer is as personal and comprehensive as is possible. And it's by someone with 20 years experience, and who is still enforcing.  (I've been told that people have learned more just on this website than they did with the whole course they bought.)

Here's My Guarantee:  If you can find a more comprehensive course or better mentoring, I'll refund you my whole Program, and pay you what you paid for that other course.


Recommendation: When you're looking into a course, call or email the provider to makes sure they're available for personal help. Ask for a copy of the latest judgment they're working on.  Make sure they're for real.

Thanks. Peter