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                    A Note From Peter

The Judgment Recovery business is fascinating. But it is also  a much needed service to every community.

Isn't that the secret to business success -- finding a niche that is common sense, interesting, and doable,

as well as meeting community's needs

As in any business, you need the right tools and the right knowledge.

That's what my Step-by-Step Course provides. And you need mentoring too.

I've been in the business for 17 years, but I would not have made it 3 months

without help to answer all my questions. 

My Course offers on-going mentoring at no cost. It's an E-Forum with myself and

top specialists in the nation who are actually in the business full time.

If you've been looking at this business you've probably seen websites shouting


Is it true. Yes. Does it matter? No.

Many of these judgments aren't any good. If a guy owes $100K and he's

sleeping on mom's couch, then how much is the judgment really worth?  $0.

What if he's dead?  Or moved to Singapore?  Do you want those judgments?

So the key is finding the right judgments.  That's just part of my course.

And it doesn't take a lot of them to make good money


How does the business work?

See these two scenarios below.

Real Life Example #1.

Miss Pattie Green

Pattie Green lives in Atlanta. She's a nice person. She lends $5200 to her friend

Jim Smith so he can buy a car for work.  But Jim doesn't pay her back.

So, Pattie goes to Small Claims Court and wins a judgment fro $5200 plus costs.

She is ecstatic!

Now comes the big surprise. Jim Smith doesn't have to pay her.

She has to make him pay her. And she doesn't know how.

So Pattie Green turns to you for help. You're the one in the community with

the knowledge and skills to do it. 


​Real Life Example #2

Susan Smith

Susan lives in Maryland and works for Domains LLC. She makes about $7500 a month.

But her employer won't pay her! She can go to her court or the Labor board to

get a judgment. And she does. She gets a judgment for $17,200 including penalties.

But she doesn't know how to get her money for the judgment

She turns to you. You're the one in you community who can do it.

You have the knowledge and skill to get it done.


So, what can you do?

As a trained JR Specialist you know how to locate garnish wages, locate bank

accounts, put liens on property, and seize other assets that will help the plaintiff.

You may be wondering how you get the judgment into your name.

After all, you're not an attorney. At first you're not that familiar with courts.

But every state has a provision where the Original Judgment Creditor (the person who

won the judgment) can assign the rights, title and interest in his judgment to you.

In effect, you now own the judgment. Of course there is a contingency arrangement

where you return to the Original Creditor a percentage of what you recovery.

That's typically  50%.

Why would the Original Creditor agree to that? Because he's getting nowhere.

He doesn't know how to use the courts and the sheriff. But you do.

So he wants you to take over and use your skills.

I know how it works because I'm actually in this business.

If you're looking at courses, ask the course provider for a copy of his or her

recent assignment. It's a public record. (I think you'll be surprised at what you find.)

I wish I could say it's easy. It's not. To be sure, starting your own business is not for everyone.

It takes work and dedication. Obviously not everyone is ready for that.

And it takes a minimum of start up costs that are absolutely necessary to do it right.

(See my "No B.S." page on that.)

I work hard for my income, and enjoy it too.

You can do it also if you have the same motivation and drive that I have.

If you have less time. You make less. It can still be a great part time business if you know you'll be working hard and learning tons.


Next, see my No B.S. Page

Okay, Peter, so what's in your course?

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Wondering if your state is a good for the JR Business?

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  A CD with even more  information as well as  forms and templates.

  Judgment Recovery Course

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 On-going business mentoring by me and other experienced JRS in the business.

 Oh!  Don't forget to see my

 "No B.S." page here on this site.  There's a lot of B.S. out there about the business.

               - Peter

My Step by Step Course Has 3 Parts

    5 Facts

About the Business

  Fact 1: Judgment Recovery is not a "get rich  quick" business. If you've  been  told that, you  have been  misinformed. If you've seen sites  that  say "You'll make a lot right away!" "You can do this anywhere!" "I made 10K my first month!" Please don't believe it. It's the Internet. Someone is certainly  stretching the facts.  (See my page "No B.S.")

 Fact 2. Not every state is good for this buiness. (If you want to know about your state, call me at 619.758.3552, or email me at PeterGilboy@Gmail.  I'll tell you what I know about your state.. 

 Fact 3. As in any business, you need  the right tools and the right  mentoring.  Also the right databases  and the right motivation. 

 Fact 4.  You can only make good judgment by enforcing the right judgments. You don't  want to waste you're time and money.   

 Fact 5. Courses are sold by people who've never been in the business. Or who  used to be a long time ago. So, as I said before, be sure to ask your course  provider for a recent court-stamped copy of an Assignment. (It's public  record.)