The (only)  Step-by-Step
Judgment Enforcement Program
for 2022

(*Real Life Judgment Recovery -- Much more than just a course)

by Peter Gilboy, Ph.D.

"Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it." -- Winston Churchill



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step-by-step COURSE

It really is Step by Step learning. This Course is your basic resource to go back to again and again. You can view it anytime online on our “Members” page, or I’ll send you a physical copy. 

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Meet-up with me Online with Teleconferencing to help get your business up and going as quickly as possible.

This is your solution to a fast business start-up. 

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online MEETUPS

Meet-ups online for mentoring and to share successes in real-time, with questions and answers from me and other advanced JE’s.  A huge resource for your new business.

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Our daily Forum where new and experienced JE’s field questions and offer answers. Searchable by topic. You’ll find friendly people at all levels. Just log on, and ask away.



Peter Gilboy, Ph.D.

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Hi, I'm Peter Gilboy. I'm a real person and I've been in the Judgment Recovery business since 2001. I've worked principally in California and New York, but I've also handled cases in AZ, OR, MO, ID, FL, and RI.

Before coming into this business, I taught at San Diego State and at a number of the area’s community colleges. Formerly I was a U.S. Intelligence officer. I’m also a novelist.  

I offer a Step-by-Step Judgment Recovery training program for those who want to come into this profession. It's not merely Course, but an entire Program that can launch your business and keep you going.

​This can be a great business, but like every business it requires time, tons of learning and, of course, lots of effort. Please know that the business is more difficult than other course-providers let on. Like me, you may want to start part time and then grow your business as you learn.


I'll show you how.



  *   *   *


I've been researching judgment recovery courses and many of the websites glamorize the industry. It's nothing but lack luster verbiage about how "rich" you'll become in a short period of time with very little work. Reading these statements gave me so many reservations until I came across your site. It was like a breath of fresh air.   --Tionna - Pennsylvania


THANK YOU so much for your complete honesty and openness. [Regarding Florida] You do realize that you may have lost a sale of your course because of it. --Lynn H. Florida

Dear Peter,

I purchased your Step-by-Step Course back in 2008 when I knew absolutely nothing about judgment enforcement.  I also purchased two other “how-to” books from different sources and can honestly say, your Step-by-Step Course is the most informative, helpful, and easy-to-understand Course on my bookshelf.   It continues to be a primary go-to source when faced with something new or to refresh my mind on something I’ve been through before.  I know I could not have gotten to the point I’m at in the judgment field today without your course and your never-ending support through your Yahoo! Group.   A huge THANK YOU for helping me succeed!   --Theresa Mc - California

This forum is THEE source for educational learning. The knowledge and advice shared by the distinguished and experienced Judgment Recovery Specialists is second to none. 

The manual from Peter's course may be the teaching method, but the forum is by far the professor.  --Keith, N. C.


I wish I had this book when I started Judgment Recovery three years ago. It is so hard to find practical judgment enforcement books anywhere. This one is a gem. If you want actual step by step instructions, forms and even sample legal motions to use in court, this book has it all. I highly recommend it. You will find brilliant ideas for your business.   --Don D.  San Jose

Hi Peter,

I have been studying your training manual and reading the group digest daily. What an education I am getting. Your manual is the best out there, to be sure.  

                                              --Bobby R  Oklahoma


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